My Horcrux package came from Clara via Thestrals!

Thank you so much Clara! She made a truly fantastic journal horcrux package for me and made sure that I’d be able to spilt my soul in many parts. Oh my there are so many wonderful things in my package. Beautiful journals and school books designed by Clara for when Hogwarts starts up again ( I love them all and squeed when I saw them), a beautiful cabled journal cover to protect these beautiful journals, fair isle cards and pencils, fantastic stitch markers that the talented Miss Clovenhoof made(daleks and HP, I so lurve them!), hand carved owls for my Yule tree, a wee lil’ hypo-allergenic sheep, a hello kitty towel in heart-shaped pill form, a Badz Maru sticker, Frozen Leaves (with alt. charts), Acaucania Lonco in Cornflower Blue perfect for a Frozen Leaves shawl that came in a great little yarn bag and last but, not least knit picks cables and needles.  Again thank you so much Clara for spoiling me rotten, I lurve everything!  Happily I double-checked your list and the trolls left everything in place 😉

It came via Thestrals


A tease

All wrapped up

HSKS Swap package from Clara

Hypoallergic Sheep from Clara

Wood carved owls from Clara

More HSKS swap package from Clara

Stitch markers made by Clara

HP workbooks!

Journal cover made by Clara

Awesome journal made by Clara

Awesome journal made by Clara

Awesome journal made by Clara

Awesome journal made by Clara

Awesome journal made by Clara

Awesome knit cover by my HSKS Clara Clovenhoof



Even magic can’t fix the Muggle Flu

So I’ve been sick all week with the flu.  I feel bad since I haven’t been able to pack and pick up the last goodie for Wisty’s package.  I’m hoping to feel up to it tomorrow and get it out by the shipping deadline.  I promise it’s all safe now to pack it without shipping any contagious flu germs.

Mini-me and I saw Deathly Hallows Part one on Monday.  I’m not sure how I feel about it yet.  I might be that I forced myself to go after taking a whole lot of meds, so I could feel a little human.  I might have to see it again when I’m better to help me make up my mind.  I have to say that it did end where I thought it would.  Mini-me enjoyed it a lot and sobbed for poor Dobby.  My back still hurts a little from my chair being kicked very hard by the girl who was frighted by a certain scene (if you have seen the movie I’m sure you know which one I’m talking about).  I wasn’t frighted by this Horcrux 😉

I’m off to make some soup and continue being sick!

Still here really!!

So I forgot to post, oy! This week is always a busy week for me since there are two family birthdays and Remembrance Day here in Canada. I feel bad I try not to miss a week, but life sometimes smacks you hard in teh face that you tend to lose track of everything that you need to do. I know full of excuses, I suck 😛 Maybe the Muddleheads took me in for a reason 😉

Wisty’s package is almost ready to go I just need to do the finishing on the handmade item. Sorry I’ve been procrastinating that! Here’s a sneak peek since I’ve been so quiet 🙂



1. SPARSE VENUES Severus Snape
2. GO UNLOAD LOVE Luna Lovegood
3. A MOTH SEDAN Dean Thomas
4. FLUSH CIGAR Argus Filch
5. SLICK AIRBUS Sirius Black
6. DUMB ANALOG Ludo Bagman
7. A DRY MOO-CALF Draco Malfoy
8. UNSNAP THE SKI Stan Shunpike
9. PIT-A-PAT RIVAL Pavati Patil
10. AN OLD JEER Lee Jordan

Off to the infirmary I go!

Well I’ve been a wee bit quiet lately, due to the fact that I’ve come down with a heck of a muggle cold!  So I’ve been resting and drinking lots of fluids in the infirmary.  Being sick sucks, but it gives me time to watch Castle 🙂  Thanks to some of my family members I’m now addicted!  Mmm Capt’n Tight Pants.  Besides my spoilee’s handmade item which needs a wee bit of finishing before it’s all done, I’ve been working on this for me Well I’m off to go have some soup and watch some more Castle!

Scare Isle WIP

Name the wand owner Answers

  1. Hermoine Granger
  2. Bellatrix LeStrange
  3. Draco Malfoy
  4. Viktor Krum
  5. Cedric Diggory as well as Ron Weasley (his first wand that was previously own by his brother Charlie)
  6. Fleur Delacour
  7. Albus Dumbledore
  8. James Potter
  9. Lucuis Malfoy
  10. Mary Cattermoles as well as Neville Longbottom (this is his second wand)
  11. Voldemort aka Tom Riddle
  12. Harry Potter
  13. Ron Weasley (this is his second wand)

Skiving Snackboxes

Lol, so I ended up taking a few sweets from one of my skiving snackboxes this week. There is no way that you are going to find this muddle-head doing essays when she can be doing things like reading and knitting! What can I say Fred and George are my heros!  See my brand new OMFG it is huge and awesome Kindle DX.  Ahh I’m in love.  Also it accompanies some of my other favourite things like Alice in Wonderland and sock knitting 🙂  It’s Thanksgiving here in Canada and I want to say I’m thankful for my family, Faye (uber cute guide doggie) and technology (especially assistive technology that makes my life easier!)  Have a great weekend!

Oh I should also mention that Miss Wisty’s package is coming along swimmingly.  🙂

Two favourite things - Knitting and reading

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