Package received

I got my package from Minerva Dumbledore and finally got a chance to post it here.  Sorry about the delay.  I love the yarn it’s so very soft and will make soft house socks thanks. PS I also got Cookie A’s Django pattern via email from Minerva early in the swap and PSS had to pass on the tasty candies because they had allergens that I can no longer have in them. Last year I was able to eat one or two now I can’t eat any, damn I need a spell to get rid of allergies or just leave in a bloody bubble! My daughter thanks you kindly though Minerva because she enjoyed the candies. Also not related to my package, but I’m excited because I just pre-ordered my mobipocket version of Breaking Dawn for my cybook (since we have two cybooks mini-me (my daughter and I will be able to read it at the same time!) and I will be able to download it on August 2 at 12 am CST so I can download it 10 pm PST on the 1st! Too bad I’ll be at the cabin, but I did save $4.00 since I had some reward dollars from previous purchases!!!


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