Last day together

So I’m sad that I won’t be getting my package for I go away for three weeks to train with my new guide dog.  I apologize that I won’t be able to post pictures till June when I’m back.  I’m still looking forward to coming home and seeing what my lovely Gryff pal put together for me. I plan to be attending Summer Camp and I’m excited to get to know my fellow students better.  It’s sad that I wasn’t able to really get to know some of the newer Ravenclaws that joined during my inter-house scholarship terms.  I should have more time on my hands during Summer camp *crosses fingers*

If any of you are interested I will be blogging my adventures at guide dog school with my new guide.  You can find us here.  If you aren’t busy please come by and say hi, once I meet my new furry companion I will be posting pictures and other stuff to document my journey for my friends and family as well as others interesting in working with a guide dog.