Summer Camp here I come!

I’m a little late, but hey I had to pack all my books!  You can’t leave for summer camp without having a good supply of books, there is no library *sobs*  Good think I love the great outdoors!  I just stepped out of the Phoenix cabin to take this picture

Isn’t it beautiful! I’m very excited to get to know the girls in my cabin and help out as the asst. cabin counsellor. I’m assisting the wonderfully talented Ophelia Ballycastle since she is the cabin counsellor of the Phoenix cabin.  Found out that they have discontinued the counsellor in training program, meh!

It’s great to be in a cabin named after one of my favourite magical creatures. The Phoenix is a beautiful bird whose life cycle is 500-1000 years. This lovely bird is the symbol for fire and divinity and is known for its magical healing qualities of it’s tears. Here’s a wonderful, but a little short essay on Fawkes, the famous pet of Professor Dumbledore


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