About the author Meggie

Greetings, I am a sixth year Slytherin, who just back from a year in Ravenclaw.  I took a  two year interhouse scholarship in Slytherin, but thought I wanted to go back into Ravenclaw.   I will missed the fun mischief that the Sly Slytherins taught me to enjoy.  I realized that I can be serious about my studies even if I’m not a Ravenclaw and got sick of all the goodies in the Tower! I’m very happy to be returning to the Dungeon.  I thought I would relish in the quiet peace that takes over the common room because many Claws are reading instead of planning the next trick.  I found that it is much quieter when the snakes are planning their next trick or their ambitions in life than Claws reading books.  Some Ravenclaws (I won’t name names) like to talk about what they are reading and stop to discuss some interesting concept that they read about when all I want is peace and quiet!

I love to knit and have been doing so since I learnt to knit in Nov 2006. I’ve turned into a Knitter and have been pleasantly obsessed with knitting socks and now shawls. I have a huge knit book library, since I am a bibliophile and an info junkie. So much to learn and so little time, so I have a bit of a habit of having many works in progress going at once. I thought that my to read pile was huge, but my to-knit pile is surpassing the to-read pile! I blame Ravelry, you can find me there I’m nosheep4chelle.


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