My Horcrux package came from Clara via Thestrals!

Thank you so much Clara! She made a truly fantastic journal horcrux package for me and made sure that I’d be able to spilt my soul in many parts. Oh my there are so many wonderful things in my package. Beautiful journals and school books designed by Clara for when Hogwarts starts up again ( I love them all and squeed when I saw them), a beautiful cabled journal cover to protect these beautiful journals, fair isle cards and pencils, fantastic stitch markers that the talented Miss Clovenhoof made(daleks and HP, I so lurve them!), hand carved owls for my Yule tree, a wee lil’ hypo-allergenic sheep, a hello kitty towel in heart-shaped pill form, a Badz Maru sticker, Frozen Leaves (with alt. charts), Acaucania Lonco in Cornflower Blue perfect for a Frozen Leaves shawl that came in a great little yarn bag and last but, not least knit picks cables and needles.  Again thank you so much Clara for spoiling me rotten, I lurve everything!  Happily I double-checked your list and the trolls left everything in place 😉

It came via Thestrals


A tease

All wrapped up

HSKS Swap package from Clara

Hypoallergic Sheep from Clara

Wood carved owls from Clara

More HSKS swap package from Clara

Stitch markers made by Clara

HP workbooks!

Journal cover made by Clara

Awesome journal made by Clara

Awesome journal made by Clara

Awesome journal made by Clara

Awesome journal made by Clara

Awesome journal made by Clara

Awesome knit cover by my HSKS Clara Clovenhoof



Yay my angel kit came, Yummy sexy Severus Snape!

Thank you so much Wisty for getting this kit organized and set to me 🙂 This is my angel kit from HSKS 10, the angels chose Severus Snape for my Character kit! Rowena Bladvak made the beautiful Swallowtail shawl with beads in lieu of nupps in yummy seasilk, thank you it’s absolutely beautiful! Plus the super shiny potions master yarn is from her. The needles (harmony interchangeable needles my favourite!), cables and the awesome green stitchmarkers are from Fleur Sweeting. The remainder of the awesome package is from Emma Wigworthy minus the yummy Snape buttons, which Emma said Lizzie Wychwood made. Thank you to you all for making me such a fantastic angel kit, I love you all!










Monster Mash

So I am going to be missing the Quidditch match this weekend 😦 Good luck Slytherin, let’s kick some quaffle.

I’ve been feeling pretty ill lately, probably due to the stress of N.E.W.T.S. that are coming up. I’ve been giving the weekend off and we are going to head down to Seattle for some fun and much needed perk up.

What’s on my needles. Well these cute little monsters .  Meet Charlotte (mommy monster) and Chloe.  They are almost done, they just need to be stuffed, their arms sew on and I need to get fabric glue to glue on their teeths!  I can’t wait till they are done, because I’m going to cast on for another set for Mini-me, Charlotte and Chloe are bound to Ontario to meet their new friend baby S.

Hopelessly Addicted to Audiobooks and such

My dearest Slytherins and other students.  I will be away from Hogwarts and gleefully knitting and enjoying my new love, listening to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: Now with Ultraviolent Zombie Mayhem! by Seth Grahame-Smith and Jane Austin. This lovely little mash-up is a jaunt into an alternate world in the Regency era where the zombie apocalypse  has stricken England for more than twenty years.    The Bennett girls are well-trained in the deadly arts by Shaolin Monks and Jane Austin’s classic tale is reborn again, now with Zombies!  Purists are outraged by this delicious piece of work, but me my friends I am enthralled and probably won’t be reached till I finish listening to this wonderful tale.  Take care and please remember rule #1 to follow in Zombieland (highly recommend this movie, brillant!): Cardio. This folks is also something I am working on 😀

What’s in a name?

Oh my, I really want this. There’s a picture of the logo on the right. It’s an Anti-craft shirt. I’m in love with the damaged t in black and the Edun Live Ladies T. I think I may order me some goodies!

The reason why I’m drooling over Anti-craft t-shirts, besides the fact that I’ve been oogling them for a while Silly me I forgot the Imbolic issue would be out!

Look at this cute little fella’ It’s our favourite elder god in cuddle form. Sooooo cute!
I tell you you need one, everyone needs one. There’s even a pattern for those who *heart* Buffy. Go now, my little ones and learn to crochet follow the patterns then use them to make your own fantastical creations. Go, go forth and multiply your crafty hookers!

House Pride

I’ve been busy doing some house knitting before my second year at Hogwarts. I love this pattern, it’s by Rosemary Waits (pattern available by downable pdf on her site) and is loosely based on the Stag Bag that is up for grabs on Knitting Daily (you need to log in to see download this pattern).

This is my first attempt at fair isle and I finished the body in approx. 3 days! I did make the double the rows on both sides of the crocheted straps. I was so thrilled to find the perfect colours for a Slytherin bag. I used Bernat Satin Evergreen for the MC and Sterling for the CC. The Sterling is actually a nice shiny silver but it doesn’t show that on the picture.

Oh by the way I’d thought I’d show off my wand since I didn’t have this blog last year.

Wood type: hawthorn
Length: 11½ inches
Core: Phoenix Feather
get your own wand!