My Horcrux package came from Clara via Thestrals!

Thank you so much Clara! She made a truly fantastic journal horcrux package for me and made sure that I’d be able to spilt my soul in many parts. Oh my there are so many wonderful things in my package. Beautiful journals and school books designed by Clara for when Hogwarts starts up again ( I love them all and squeed when I saw them), a beautiful cabled journal cover to protect these beautiful journals, fair isle cards and pencils, fantastic stitch markers that the talented Miss Clovenhoof made(daleks and HP, I so lurve them!), hand carved owls for my Yule tree, a wee lil’ hypo-allergenic sheep, a hello kitty towel in heart-shaped pill form, a Badz Maru sticker, Frozen Leaves (with alt. charts), Acaucania Lonco in Cornflower Blue perfect for a Frozen Leaves shawl that came in a great little yarn bag and last but, not least knit picks cables and needles.  Again thank you so much Clara for spoiling me rotten, I lurve everything!  Happily I double-checked your list and the trolls left everything in place 😉

It came via Thestrals


A tease

All wrapped up

HSKS Swap package from Clara

Hypoallergic Sheep from Clara

Wood carved owls from Clara

More HSKS swap package from Clara

Stitch markers made by Clara

HP workbooks!

Journal cover made by Clara

Awesome journal made by Clara

Awesome journal made by Clara

Awesome journal made by Clara

Awesome journal made by Clara

Awesome journal made by Clara

Awesome knit cover by my HSKS Clara Clovenhoof



Quidditch tryouts!!

Well summer camp is sadly over and I spent most of it by the lake trying to catch some rays since my ankle was badly injured.  I have been working with a quidditch training coach to get my ankle and now coach potato body back into playing form.  Yay I won’t be on the injured list, watching on the sidelines like I thought I might.  Not that being a quidditch fan is bad, it’s just so much fun participating that I would end up watching from the sidelines in envy.

I’m tried out for the Arrows and Pride of Portree, if I had a third choice I would have tried out for the Magpies too!  I can’t help it the fact that I am attached to the Appleby Arrows, even since I was a little witch watching the fans fiery arrows soar through the air during a match.  It is so smashing that I get a chance to tryout.  I secretly hope that the Ministry will allow fire arrows again, it didn’t harm anyone….badly…

I’m also knitting the Percy shawl with some of my fellow Hogwarts Students.  I was making it with a pretty red bamboo laceweight, but I had to frog it.  The real lace, tiny chart and tiny yarn was just too much for me and my craptastic vision.  Sadly muggles don’t train guide dogs to read knitting charts for you.  I’m very happy that I will be fitted for a magic eye (just like Madeye Moody!) for Quidditch since it’s too dangerous for Faye. Well gotta run and get that fitting done.

Percy Shawl WIP pinned to blocking board

Percy Shawl WIP pinned to blocking board

Dragon Love

This is the lace project I’m working on currently before I leave for Hogwarts. I’m not sure if I’ll finish it at home or in the Slytherin Common Room either way it’s beautiful. I love dragons, so this is the perfect thing to wear when I’m not flashing my house colours. It’s the Dragon Scale Scarf and I’m using Handmaiden Sea Silk in mineral. It’s a dream to work with so soft and I swear it gets softer, the more you knit, tink and frog it! Also you can see my beautiful stitchmarkers from zero at Etsy in Slytherin house colours. Oh did I mention the needles? They are KnitPicks Harmony size 3.25mm (US size 3) and a must have for any knitter I love the needles!! I ended up getting 32′ circs in all sock sizes plus the interchangables. If you work with bamboo, silk, soy silk or any other lovely luxury, slippery and/or spility yarn these lamented birch babies are the only way to go. Eventually I want to have two pairs of all the sock sizes (yes I use up to 3.25mm for socks — think Cascade Fixation or Elann Esprit, also perfect with my sock drug of choice Crystal Palace Panda Cotton so yummy) so I can do two socks at a time on two circs. I haven’t done that yet and really want to do so. It will help with SSS (single sock syndrome) Well back to my knitting I swear this yarn and needles give me a yarn-gasm.

What can I say I love luxury and I’m somewhat limited in the yarn choices due to being cursed with allergies. At least I’m not allergic to dragons.
EDIT: I couldn’t post this on Thursday because Blogger won’t take the pictures now it won’t take explaination marks in tags argg. damn muggles and their faulty technology