It arrived!! Thanks Bella!!

On Sunday my package arrived from Bella Boomslang. Poor Bella, someone is Gryffindor had a “sense of humor” and jinxed the socks she was knitting, so it took her a while to fix them. Also her owl was hexed, so there was some delay while the poor owl was recovering from the huge red and green pus-filled pustules all over its body. Now I spent a bloody long time writing the rest of this post only to have WordPress eat it. WordPress I am not happy with this pretty changes, now this wonderful blogsite has become too much like Blogger, which I left for a reason! /end rant

Well here I goes again. So Bella designed these wonderful socks called The Sevenfold Severusbane Socks, so goes into lengthy detail of each design feature and I plan to try to summarize this since she worked so hard on these socks and was very thoughtful when it came to the design. Like Hermoine I believe Bella should have been a Ravenclaw 😉 The explanation is as follows:

  • The ribbing represents the seven Gryffs that got under his skin. The purls are the Marauders — James, Remus, Sirius and Peter and the knits are Harry, Hermione and Ron
  • seven others represent problems
  1. one heel — Eye of the Phoenix stitch for Dumbledore
  2. one toe — a Bell for Belletrix
  3. other heel — V for Voldy
  4. other toe — LE for Lily Evans
  5. extra twisted sts. in front panel are Neville and all those melted cauldrons (LOL)
  6. snake cable is Nagini
  7. The crown on the toe decreases are for the Half-Blood Prince himself, since Snape is often his own worst enemy (so true!)
  • The crown has seven points, for seven crucial mistakes that Severus made in his life
  1. Sorting Slytherin (it is believed that he had a choice just like Harry did)
  2. Hanging around with Mulciber, et al
  3. Calling Lily a Mudblood
  4. Spying on Dumbledore
  5. Telling Veldemort what he heard
  6. Insisting that Dumbledore never tell anyone why he changed sides
  7. Forgetting to keep various antidotes and potions to “Stopper Death” in his pockets at all times (I know, seriously!)

She goes on to explain that there are seven repeats of the ribbing pattern, seven stitches in the rib, seven sts in the panel, seven other people, seven mistakes, seven wiggles of the snake and that she needs to find one more to complete the seven though. Thanks so much Bella these socks are awesome!!

Now what you all have been waiting for the pictures! Since I spent so much time explaining the socks (twice since WordPress is being a pain) I’m not going to go into details for this fantastic package that Miss Boomslang sent. I will let the pictures speak for themselves. Thank you so much Bella you have been a great partner and I love everything. Don’t worry about being late, I truly didn’t mind and loved the anticipation of awaiting this package.

Collage of pictures of my Slytherin HSS swap package from Belladonna Boomslang of Gryffindor

Collage of pictures of my Slytherin HSS swap package from Belladonna Boomslang of Gryffindor


My sock yarn seems cursed or something….

So the pattern I wanted to use for Bella’s sock and the yarn aren’t playing nice together, so it’s back to the drawing board for me.  La sigh!  After deciding to give up on the pattern I decided to go with the tried and true toe up sock.  Sadly I’ve frogged that a few times too.  I’m not sure where my sock mojo went 😦  Does anyone have a good charm, potion or spell to help me get it back?

As for HSKS I got my pal I’m knitting for!!!  Yay He’s a Ravenclaw, it will be nice to knit for my old house.  I’m thinking after this term in Slytherin that it will be back to Ravenclaw for me, I love Slytherin don’t get me wrong; however Ravenclaw still feels like home for me so I might be trying to juggle between both houses if the Headmistress allows me to in my years left at Hogwarts.  I can’t wait to start preparing Stuart’s package and plan his knitted item.  It will be nice to knit for a teenage boy for once and not have to worry about the boyfriend curse.  Stu is great and all but not my type 😉  What can I say I like them smart and bad.